So Much More Money Making Opportunity with Micro Swings – Discover Why

So Much More Money Making Opportunity with Micro Swings – Discover Why…

Micro swing trading offers a ton of opportunity. Different world of price action.

What is a micro swing anyways? These are price action swings of different varieties that happened on bar such as 60-minute bars bars, 120 minute bars and 240 minute bars or whatever variation that you find to be more optimal.

Basically we are going ” inside price” and we are in this world of the micro swing we’re all the same ratios and sequence principles apply.

But the advantage is that we have less Point risk for trade. If your average swing trade risk on the day bars is four points, your risk on the micro swing level maybe one point. That is more attractive for more novice Traders and those who are looking to get a little bit more aggressive in their position sizing, seeking to grab big chunk a scores out of the markets and do so quickly with a very high probability.

With micro swing Trading You have the potential to get more profit out of a move and actually have more opportunity whereas on some swings to the day bars you don’t really have much of an opportunity at well but if you went in on the micro swing level you could have pulled out several profitable points.

You can also trade trends and power Trends on the micro swing level as well. And you can do so with some very nice precision. There are many powerful opportunities to ride power Trends and even medium-term trends.

In fact we have a system for you that will teach you how to ride these power trends, medium term friends and micro swing to take advantage more opportunity with better wrist reward ratios in our RightSide4 Micro Swing Trading System.


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